Monday, November 28, 2011

Boy of the Week: K. Ford (M&&B)

Hailing from PG County, MD, K Ford, Jr became interested in business early in high school. After developing this new interest, he was quickly drawn to marketing [specifically event planning] and developed his first company K Ford Productions. After some wins and losses, both on the court and in business, he decided to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA, which proved to be the perfect stage for multiple learning experiences. Intellectual conversations led Kev to develop a serious interest in minority, small business development. He then incorporated his newly evolved brand management firm, The 4th Dimension, LLC. During his time in college, Kev deemed himself a brew master and cannabis connoisseur, traveling all across the country to sample the finest brews and strains.

Since graduating in May, he has stepped in as Brand Manager for the new marijuana lifestyle and clothing brand Marijuana && Bullshit, helping them launch their social media #JUSTDOOBIT campaign. The campaign is a conscious effort to get smokers to step away from the harmful tobacco products and to encourage the smoking, if anything, of more pure and organic sources, for example RAW rolling papers. "I'm not telling people not to smoke blunts, I use to smoke blunts heavily, myself; but after being exposed to high quality smoking, I hate seeing people waste good marijuana in blunts.” Join(T) the Reeferlution by following M&&B on twitter (@MandBClothing) or follow Kev (@iDOOBthis). Their weekly winter hoodie releases have received ample, positive reviews. You can purchase M&&B’s clothing in their online dispensary at

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Aside from M&&B, Kev is looking for more talented, young individuals with good ideas to help start businesses. "If you have a good business idea, but you have no idea where to start? Give me a call or send me an email. I'm available and I travel." He’s also planning to pursue a JD/MBA (Entrepreneurial Law/ Management) on the west coast. He can be reached by email directly, or phone by request. (
  ::Why Bettys and Boys Love Him::
Ok so we know most people still relate negative stigmas to the topic of "Marijuana". In all actuality though, K. Ford and his business partners are bringing to the light that Marijuana isn't as bad as everyone thinks. There has been many statistics that show that everyday products consumed such as alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes cause more harm than the use of Marijuana. M&&B are trying to show the world and youth that Marijuana in most instances is not bad and the use of the everyday products listed are worst for you than smoking dope. M&&B is also bringing people together. One thing that people of all races can relate to is the use of Marijuana and we believe that this M&&B movement will bring people together. Both men and women, as well as many different races can come together from this movement and we are all for unity amongst all types of people.

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