Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bronzed Blonde.

Stunningly Gorg.
I loveeeee the blonde on her bronzed skin! 
Eva Marcille for Vibe.

~Tiffany Nicole.


I've said it a million times.
This makes a million & one...
I love Zoeeeee!
Zoe Kravtiz for ASOS magazine July 2011.

~Tiffany Nicole.


~Tiffany Nicole.


Loveeee these.
Her body is so sick.
Kelly Rowland for Wonderland.

~Tiffany Nicole.

Where Joy Resides.

Beautiful Shots.
Camilla Akrans for Contributor #3.

~Tiffany Nicole.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Friday.

Friday is hereeeeee....*Beyonce dance* lol.
Officially done with my last week of school!
Graduation next week...Owwwww! lol
Congrats to all the graduates!

~Tiffany Nicole/Bettys&Boys.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fuck You, Pay Me.

Ugh Omg I really don't know.
I've tried soooo hard to like this song...I just don't!
But  I do love this video!
The clothes & accesories were gorgeoussssss, as was she lol.
Choreography was amazing as well.

~Tiffany Nicole.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dark & Twisted.

Ugh I'm always jumping ship from Liu Wen to Tao..lol I can't decide which one is my fav!
So they both hold the #1 Spot. Suchhhhhhh beautiful models!
Love the spread too, Anything dark & sexy is a win! lol
Tao Okamoto, Sun Fei Fei, Shu Pei & Liu Wen in V Magazine #71, Summer 2011.

~Tiffany Nicole.

Prada Goes Baroque.

Prada recently asked several illustrators to create images representing the uniqueness of their latest products..Here are a few! Love these glasses. Perf summer accessory! 
'Minimal-Baroque From Drawings to Pictures project.'

~Tiffany Nicole.


Love Love Love The Saturday's!
This isn't my fav song by them, but may be my fav video!
They're too cute!!
I hear/see so many dif great elements in this vid!
Michael Jackson-The way you make me feel, Madonna quirkiness and fun with Gwen Stefani animation.  And of course the look and sound of like...the Spice Girls. 
Just thought I'd share. 

~Tiffany Nicole.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lets Rule The World.

Wowwwww Beyonce is really making a statement to the world with her new song! She is empowering women to the fullest with this one and I LOVE IT! This video gets me so hype, we all need to be apart of this movement. Us women need a revolution! We need to stand together and understand the power we actually have. We need to stop the unnecessary drama and negativity and come together and rule the world!
It is so possible... I know it.
Beyonce looks amazing!!!
She looks so empowered...omg.

~Danielle Elise

Monday, May 9, 2011

Black Power.

Love the sheer black.
Emanuela de Paula by Jacques Dequeker for Wish Report Brazil.

~Tiffany Nicole.

Lifestyle So Lavish.

Chanel Iman getting ready for MET Gala.
Love these shots.

~Tiffany Nicole.

Nude Angles.

& I'm in need of that gold pinky ring!
Maddie Kulicka by Mateusz Stankiewicz for PANI May 2011.

~Tiffany Nicole.
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