Saturday, December 31, 2011


I hope everyone has a safe and fun NYE!!
Lets bring in the new year right!

-Bettys and Boys-

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home.

Love these.

Tiffany Nicole.

Betty's & Boys: Party Picks.

Some New Year's/ Holiday party inspired picks.
Love these pieces.
Super cute & so many ways to accessorize! 
Make it your own & make a bold statement in the New Year!
Available Today.
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Betty's & Boys.

Kimora Lee Simmons x Harper's Bazaar Malaysia.

The full spread ..
Kimora Lee Simmons x Harper's Bazaar Malaysia.
December 2011.

Tiffany Nicole.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Emily B x Kontrol Magazine.

I love Emily B's style.
The looks in this shoot look super cute.
That red Michael Kors Dress is stunning!
Her body is banginnnnnnnn' lol
Emily B for Kontrol Magazine
"The Shape Issue"
January 4th.

Tiffany Nicole.

Gift of Glamour.

Absolutely love these pieces.

Tiffany Nicole.
Via: Vmagazine

Holiday Fab.

Some on & behind the scene pics of Angela Simmons for a Christmas Photo shoot.
Love her!

Tiffany Nicole.

Good Morning! TGIT!

Morning Betty's & Boys!
Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend!!
I was reading a book recently by Joel Osteen that said we should live each day with the excitement and happiness that we have for Friday.  
Make Everyday  Friday!
So TGIS ( Sun & Sat lol)  - TGIF! lol
You'll breathe a lot easier and live a lot happier when you CHOOSE to actually be happy everyday!
Hope you all have a great day!!

Tiffany Nicole.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Boy Of The Week: Neil Alvin.

The man behind the amazing - BGKI. 
We had a few questions for the blogger & here are his responses:

When did you come up with the concept of " Black Girls Killing It"?

I have been blogging photos of black girls for almost two years but BGKI only came about June/July 2011

What were your hopes/goals upon creating BGKI?

At the time, the blog's name was "neilalvin" so when I changed to "BGKI" I was hoping it would of made my blog easier to find. Seriously, who is going to google neilalvin?

What instantly attracts you to a woman's style?

When a woman dares to be different and her confidence shines through 400%

Creatively, what inspires you?

It would have to be that I like to leave my own mark on things.  Is it different or new? Most of the time if it's not I leave it out.

Who are some of your style icons?

When it comes to style, Michael Jackson!! He was B-A-D!!

How would you describe your personal style?

It would have to be "casual military", did I just create that?  I absolutely love the military look, I have jackets, shirts, shoes and pants that all incorporate that look but because of the climate of where I live, it would be keep me too hot to be fully decked out so what I would do is mix up those pieces with non-military pieces to stay cool.

What are your future plans for BGKI?

There is no limit. I would like to incorporate other areas where black women are making a positive impact. Acting, sports, non-profit, corporate etc.  Also, I am hoping to expand with males, that is why the website is and not  So BGKI can work both ways,  Black Guys Killing It?

What's your advice/tips to others on managing a successful blog? 

Always try to stay connected to your followers don't get caught up in how busy it can get.  Being unique and bringing a fresh perspective also helps

1. I'm Ambidextrous
2. I Recently cut off my dreads
3. I Live in Barbados

Neil Alvin has gone where no man has gone before.  He appreciates and displays the many variations and styles that black women have to offer.  For us, and many other young black women, BGKI is THE blog that we all have 'bookmarked' - where we can go to celebrate in the beauty and creativity of women and their unique take on fashion.  Each visit to this blog brings out the innovative and bold woman inside all of us - the pictures, interviews, videos, etc. are a huge source of inspiration.  The keen eye for style that Neil Alvin possesses is undeniable - but furthermore his portrayal of the black woman is beyond admirable.  Today, in the media and on the internet black women are not always shown in the most positive light, which is another distinct characteristic that sets BGKI apart from the rest.  We are truly honored to have had the opportunity to feature & have been featured by Neil on BGKI. We wish him continued success on Black Girls Killing It, and we are excited/anticipant about his future expansion and growth!

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