Thursday, December 22, 2011



::3DD Deluxe::

3DD and 3DD Deluxe are 3-D books that celebrate the life of breasts in a cool, tasteful, and innovative way. 
I love fun, conversation starting, coffee table books and I think this would make a great addition to a young guy or young womans apartment . 
The book is exactly what it seems. 
These books are photos of breast that are enhanced by using 3-D prints.
They feature breasts of all shapes and sizes. 
If anyone needs a last minute gift idea for a guy friend or even a female that is into books like this, this would be a fun gift to give.
Both books retail at $29.99 not including tax and they come with cardboard 3-D glasses. 
You can also purchase 3-D aviators that the models are wearing on the cover for $9.99 if you would like.  
 Buy Now: 3DD
(Via: Clothes before Hoes)
::Take a look inside 3DD::

I love boobies! lol

-Danielle Elise-

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