Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My New Fave.

My new fave foam wrap lotion!
One of my friends recommended this to me as I was standing there in the aisle looking stuck lol.
I'm so glad she did..It's the best foam wrap lotion I've used so far.
It makes my hair super soft and sleek!
I don't know how many of you have short hair, but if you do then you know that a good foam wrap lotion is essential to attaining any look!
I generally wash my hair at night and then mold and tie up my hair and sleep on it..
Then in the morning it's ready to be styled!
The main thing I love about this product is that it contains 0 alcohol! 
I've been super selective with what products I use in my hair these days..
I stay away from pretty much all shampoos and have completely sworn by Wen Products which are much less harsh on your hair, so my hair isn't weighed down or stripped of moisture!
The result is always light, fluffy, shiny hair!
So worth a try!

Tiffany Nicole.

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