Sunday, December 4, 2011

Betty's of The Week : Shatterproof Glass Dolls.

Betty's Of The Week : Shatterproof Glass Dolls
Your resource for hair, health, style and beauty.
An amazing blog dedicated to women of color and natural hair care!
A refreshingly original online spot for great articles/topics on current pop culture, lifestyle, & of course FASHION!

Meet The Dolls::


I’m 28 and reside in Illinois with my gorgeous husband Jeff, our two dogs Lucky and Spartacus and my bird Bookoo. I love designer shoes, stylish clothes with interesting details, my family and my man….not in that order necessarily :-). I am currently writing a self help book and would like to have my very own talk show some day (step aside Tyra Banks). I am very feisty and impatient, but I love life and the people God has sent across my path…even if I don’t like them all the time. I work part time as an After School Care teacher for a local family recreation facility. I also coach cheerleading on the side. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my clothes, my hair, or whatever at

Fun Facts About Taneica:
1. Though I can't dance worth a lick, I am a phenomenal country line dancer.
2.  I have an odd fascination with cows. I think they're incredibly cute!
3. I have worked extra hours, bought less groceries, and seduced my husband, all in the name of shoes. I really, REALLY love shoes.


I’m 22 and live in Florida as well.  However I dream of moving to a city thats big enough for me and my in your face personality!  I love all things hip hop and artsy as well as enjoying  a good urban novel every now and then. I am currently attending college and look forward to graduating at the end of this year. I will be starting school again at a four-year university next spring (Go Bulls wink wink). I want to be an OBGYN when I graduate and have no plans of slowing down any time soon. I hope to inspire our readers and get them excited about looking awesome. You can email me at

Fun Facts about Sherica:
1.  I enjoy streaking and skinny dipping. I love the feeling of be "free". LOL!
2.  I collect toys from McDonald's Happy Meals.
3. I am addicted to Gameboy.

Why Bettys&Boys Loves Them:
We ran into Shatterproof Glass Dolls on another blog - Thosegirlsarewild - which is also a blog/video blog run by 2 inspiring women, and they led us to these 2 inspiring women! From 2 bloggers to ... another 2 bloggers (lol) it's a great feeling to find a blog that you love almost just as much as your own lol.  Taneica and Sherica are offering the information and positivity/realness that most women our age seek.  We want to be able to relate to other females, and hear their daily struggles about school or the ever important - HAIR! We want the latest tips and regimes to stay healthy! We want a place that covers the fashion event we missed, or the best products to buy.  Shatterproof Glass Dolls is that place. These ladies have a passion for what they do and it really shows in the effort and quality they put into their site.  In addition, they help to promote and recognize other young females.  Bettys&Boys is all about female empowerment - supporting the already established young women - but also seeking and trying to find and help/network/showcase the young women who are in the process of making their dreams a reality.  That's the whole purpose of our Betty/Boy of the Week segment.  Shatterproof Glass Dolls has a section of their blog titled Dolls on Display that's quite similar, where they feature celebs and local females who are inspiring others and making a difference where they are. We've found our blogging twins! ha. We're excited to see what level Taneica and Sherica are going to take Shatterproof Glass Dolls to!  

Follow Them Here::

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