Friday, December 16, 2011

New Year's Eve!

So I went out tonight and saw this movie & I liked it a lot.
As cliche as it may sound it really makes you want to wake up and live your life!
We all left the theater super ... happy lol.
One lady in the movie had a reallllly good New Year's Resolution list & I've never had any resolutions lol.. it made me want to write some down and stick to them...
Stop putting off all the things I want to do and make each day one to remember.
In a way it was just a reality check, about life and death.
Live life to the fullest .... while you can..
New Year's shouldn't be the only time you think that, but it's a great start..
I'm praying, hoping & working towards a living a complete & fulfilled life! 

~Tiffany Nicole.

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