Monday, October 24, 2011

Betty Of The Week: Cheyenne Davide.

Betty Of The Week: Cheyenne Davide.

My names Cheyenne Davide, I'm 19 years old and currently working for RWD magazine as their style assistant, presenting for REPVDO and doing some freelance styling here and there. I started this blog because I was bored at home one day and thought hey why not? Jokes. I'm really interested in fashion and I'm very happy with everything I have achieved since creating my blog. I've been lucky enough to work with companies such as RWD magazine, Adidas and Exit magazine so far, but this is just the beginning for me, I won't stop until I get to the top (watch out mount Everest) I really want to somehow make my way up in the fashion world, and maybe one day be known as the girl that forever wears trainers? LOL Jokes... again!

Fun Facts about this Betty!

-Ermmmm - every outfit I wear I'll always be wearing a pair of trainers - even if that means it's with a dress!

-I can never sleep with me socks on lol

-Andddd I work at RWD magazine as their style assistant, before I get into work I always have to practice some cuss' cause at the office the whole day consists of us all cussing each other (:

Why Bettys&Boys Loves Cheyenne:

Our Bettys and Boys of the weak features are a way to showcase young and innovative powerful forces in the fashion world.  Cheyenne is the epitome of what we look for! As young entrepreneurs, It's super inspiring when we see other young women making a name for themselves by putting their all into their work,  and have fun doing it.  With an effortless sense of style, and a great personality & such a cute accent! lol she's hard not to be a fave! People Like 'Shyy' are prime examples that you can set and attain any goal - small or large- at any age! Love it. From the outside it appears that she is living the life any girl would want- blogging, style assistant, stylist- So you really can have it all!  Really looking forward to see all that she accomplishes in the future, no doubt it'll be big things! 

Check out the gorg Cheyenne in action below: 

Keep Up With Her Here:
Cheyenne's Blogspot
Cheyenne's Twitter

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