Monday, October 31, 2011

Betty's Of The Week: 4FLAVA.

How do you describe 4 luscious UK born & bred ladies of colour??  FLAVARISTIC!! FLAVALICIOUS!! FLAVATASTIC!! FLAVASOME!!
Classy Cinnamon, Sultry Coco, Sexy Karamel & Playful Honey
are on track to FLAVARIZE the airwaves by rocking it with their own musical FLAVA together with a ghetto fabulous style for a new young generation thirsting for FLAVARATISM!!!!

An amalgamation of British ethnic FLAVARAGE… English/Nigerian…Grenadian/English… Domincian/Barbadian...Irish/Nigerian
These ladies are truly the real thing in the raw!!!!

The girls always stand in the same order...L-R....Elizabeth Ajao(Nigerian/English) aka CINNAMON, Martina Bosede(Nigerian/Irish) aka HONEY, Chantel Alleyne(Barbadian/Dominican) aka KARAMEL & Sophia Romain(Grenadian/English) aka HONEY.

Betty's Of the Week: 4Flava
4FLAVA…are 4 FLAVALICIOUS ladies from LONDON who are all lead vocalists! Their melodic sounds are an amalgamation of URBAN/POP with a touch of ROCK GUITAR thrown in for good measure!! The group, is a marketing dream, they are talented, beautiful, ambitious and focused! They know where they want to go and what they want to achieve…be it a 4FLAVA clothing line, make-up range, product endorsements…the branding opportunities are endless!!

Fun Facts about these Betty's!

-Elizabeth eats..and eats..and eats..and eats and eats but is stilll a size 8..she is actually a human   FLAVA dushbin!!!!!

-Martina is a ice creamaholic!!!!

-Chantel always says 'cheese orn bread' in every sentence!!! a Bajan accent while talking 100mph!!!!

-Sophia is a vegetarian but eats chicken!!!!!!!lmao

How cute are they?! <333

Why Bettys&Boys Loves 4FLAVA
How often do you find beauty, personality, talent, style & ambition? Well here we have 4 examples! These ladies are working hard & non-stop to rise to the top and looking fabulous while doing it.  We are huge music lovers, from rock to r&b, from underground to the mainstream, so we were so excited when 4FLAVA came our way! Love love love is the only word that comes to mind.  Beautiful voices paired with flawless harmony & a strong stage presence, their talent is undeniable.  There is no doubt in our minds that these girls are going to be topping charts universally soon & very soon!  So honored to say we knew them when :)  If you aren't hip to these ladies, we advise you change that right now! Keep them on your radar!  For any of you who have a dream/goal let these 4 Betty's be an inspiration to you to go after what you want because it is definitely within your reach! 4FLAVA is claiming and conquering, taking advantage of every opportunity presented to them and doing so with their unique style and sound..thats FLAVA!

Check out 4FLAVA live!

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