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Betty of The Week : Fennella Miller.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Fennella Miller…

 Wait a minute my life is NOT a fairytale, REMIX. On the week of my 18th birthday my mom lost her house, car and job all in one week. Within my senior year of high school I lived in 5 different households. Despite everything I was facing I was determined to make it.  I have now given my life to Christ and attend Spelman College. I am not merely existing but living! There is no excuse; you can’t blame the people around you for your failure in the end you can only blame yourself. I share my testimony with others. Most people know me for my testimony, poetry, personality or style. Behind all of this I am a student, blogger, poet/songwriter and jewelry designer/online store owner but before all of this I am a believer! I want to change the world.  Wait, scratch that, I am going to change the world.

 And we all will live happily ever after, the end.

- Student, Blogger and Jewelry Designer - that's a lot! What is a typical day like in the life of Fennella Miller? How do you find the balance to accommodate all 3? 

After some music and meditation I head off to class. I am always doing something whether it be blogging, writing, creating, attending lectures, volunteering, meeting up with other creative folk and I love it. Basically I just put God first and then everything else falls into place.  I ask God each day to use me in a way that he never has before.

- You're definitely known for your unique style, at what point in your life would you say you began developing your 'look'? 

I've always had style. I remember being made fun of even bullied for not matching; I never got the point. I was the kid who wore mismatch shoe strings. I've never been the one to go by trends. Fashion fades style is eternal.

-  On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is confidence in your 'everyday wear' ?

Swag without confidence is an oxymoron. If you don't have confidence you might as well just hide under a rock. A nice outfit without confidence is blah and a nice outfit with a cocky attitude is unattractive. I wear confidence every single day, to church, school or any event. I even wear it when I sleep and in the shower.

- Describe the outfit you feel most comfortable in? 

High waisted skinny jeans, confidence, heels, confidence, pink lipstick , confidence, clutch or briefcase, confidence, African print something and confidence. Did I mention confidence? CONFIDENCE WEAR IT EVERY DAY!

- How did you begin writing poetry? 

This is actually a funny story. I started writing songs but then I would forget the beat so I started writing poems. I remember having a crush on this Philipino boy in 7th grade who wrote amazing poetry and I fell even more in love with it. His name was Mikey Bahlabat I fell in love with his poetry.

- What poets/artists influence your work? 

A lot of the time its what people who are around me say.  From my professors and the bible really influences me. Jesus was a poet in my eyes. I am really fond of the poetic style of Suheir Hammad and I also admire artists like Lauryn Hill, Damien Marley & Nas (Distant Relatives), and Talib Kweli. They think outside the box and the sad thing is that the box is bigger than the air outside of it.

- What message, if any, do you strive to communicate through your writing and poetry? 

We are nothing without God. There is no heaven without God. We must question everything and while we drink wine lets not forget that others are drinking contaminated water that they walked miles and miles to get. I bring social and spiritual awareness.

- What is/are the inspiration(s) behind your jewelry? 

I was broke yet people always wanted to know where I got my earrings from and I would be like, I made it! So I had to put this skill into work. Africa is the inspiration. My family is from Sierra Leone and I embrace my heritage. When I share my jewelry, thoughts and ideas with the world I am offering  a piece of me, indulge.

- What are your future aspirations for your online shop? 

I hope that when fashionistas around the world are looking for an item to buy online that my shop will be one of the first that they go to!

- Where do you see/want to see Fennella Miller in 5 years? 

I will create art forms that catalyze and cultivate change amongst the masses
I just got an epiphany: I want to get to the point where my career is NOT controlling me but I'm controlling my career.

1. My second toe is bigger than my first

2. My grandfather is the oldest serving Paramount Chief in Sierra Leone, that’s where my family is from ;)

3.I wrote some of my most important lifetime goals on my mirror with red lipstick. Whenever I look in the mirror my goals reflect back on me. It is written in red lipstick to remind me of all the blood that was shed for me to be alive today. No matter what I'm doing I will always do it with style and grace.

We love absolutely everything about this young woman. Fennella Miller is without a doubt the future of our generation.  Whether she recognizes it now or not, she's a very inspirational figure.  With a style all of her own - she walks in confidence and is unapologetically true to who she is.  Her strong faith and positivity are quite powerful and sometimes just what we need to to see/hear to work a little harder.  There is an undeniable talent within her which is evident in her jewelry design and writing style - but even more important - there's a passion behind it as well - and that's a huge contributing factor to the connection  many feel with her. She's the prime example of what a young entrepreneur should be.  She's a super student! lol She's studying - and where some would use that as an excuse to put your dreams on hold - she's working over time to make sure they're coming to the fore front as opposed to being put on the back burner.  As women, there's a common bond that's formed between us when we see other respectable and hard - working women who are traveling the same path that we are.  That's how we feel at Betty's & Boys - we see a woman like Fennella Miller - who is creative, talented, intelligent - with a strong vocal faith and love for God - and we can't help but to wish her success!

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  1. I feel so honored! I am receiving massive feed back from this post! BETYS & BOYS <3 Two beautiful women may God richly bless you both! I feel like all aspects of me where highlighted beautifully and thank you guys for allowing me to say what I wanted to say ;) GOD BLESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  2. oh my gosh my mans FENNELLA is on the MAP.

    you should ve gave them your rap videos lOl!!!
    love it!!! puttin JESUS and Salone on the map #conquerors


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