Monday, January 16, 2012

Fresh Face.

So these are currently some of the makeup looks that I'm into..
Clean and Pretty.
The light pink blush on Paula Patton is super pretty and feminine.
I'm so iffy with pink though - on me at least - But I love seeing it on other women , and there are definitely tons of pink shades to choose from to find the one that compliments you perfectly!

I loveeee the clean face and bold lip.
I haven't been strong enough to let go of my eyeliner yet lol..
I just feel too incomplete without it..
Maybe a dark brown liner?

My new obsession..
A fun alternative to gloss or lipstick.
I've never been big on lipstick - but I'm a sucker for a nude gloss!
But lately I've become a lip pencil hoarder! 
 I literally have them all over the place in tons of colors - I randomly find them in purses lol - It's serious lol
Smooth and intense color and inexpensive!
Top with gloss - I prefer a lip balm and you're good to go!

Tiffany Nicole.

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