Sunday, January 1, 2012

Inside the Creative Mind of Tom Ford.

Style Forum Special from Music Guy on Vimeo.

One of those lazy Sundays..
I was online browsing through different sites & came across this Tom Ford documentary that I'd never seen, so I decided to watch and I'm so glad I did.
This documentary really moved me.
I've reached a new level of respect for Tom Ford.
Not because of his clothing - which is beautiful - but because of his wisdom, creative genius, drive, and self awareness. He's really reached a point that most people haven't until their elder years.  He's lived a full life and was able to learn and grow and come to realizations about himself and this world that he's able to be at peace with.  Towards the end when he mentioned that he could die tomorrow and not care, because he's actually lived and gained all he could ever want out of life, that really stuck out to me.  I'm always thinking about what I want out of life and how much I want to live before I die.. and I'd love to one day no longer have that fear of possibly never reaching that goal constantly lurking around in my mind. I also love his originality and honesty about fashion today.  Everything is 'pumped up' and there's a lot of false perceptions of beauty and happiness, and superficiality pretty much consumes this generation. Regardless, he's stayed true to himself, and continues to creatively do things for him - to the best of his ability & not for the mass audience - and I'm sure that's why he's so successful. 
He's in a lane all of his own - He's intelligent enough to figure out that sometimes you don't need to move fashion forward - Fashion changes when life changes - which may be the key to longevity considering He's been on top in the fashion Industry for 20+ years. 
He's a brilliant mind.
Love it.

Tiffany Nicole.

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