Sunday, January 15, 2012

Food Diaries.

Leave it to me to make this post..
Anywayssss, over the weekend I've been eating pretty good! lol  - Even cooking *gasp*
But I snapped a few pix of some of the foods I've been eating so I thought I'd share..

Tuna & Creamcheese Bagels
I got this idea from an Omelette recipe - which used tuna and cream cheese.
Clearly instead of making an omelette I opted for bagels and an apple..
An easy and different breakfast idea.

Mac & Cheese
My mac and cheese that I made 

I finally went out for sushi! - I haven't had sushi in like - weeks lol
While my sissy was home we made a small dinner outing with some friends/fam for Sushi!
Spicy California Roll, Grilled Salmon Roll , and something with crab lol..

Pizza Margherita
Ok so this is my favorite pizza in the entire world lol.
The only thing I order from California Pizza Kitchen..
It's hard to try anything else when you've had the best thing on the menu ;) lol

Scrambled Eggs, Mangoes, Bananas, Wheat Bread
The easiest breakfast to whip up - and a super great way to start your day!
Protein and fiber

Salmon, Mangoes & Cherries, Spinach
Blackened Salmon drizzled with diced with sauteed Mangoes and Cherries and yummy spinach.
My dinner tonight. 
With a glass of white wine <3 
Salmon is my fav fish - so I'm going to continue to look up different Salmon recipes.

Bread Pudding
I've only had bread pudding one other time.. in my life
However, I found this super easy recipe to make it so I decided to give it a try.
Perfect simple dessert and a great way to top my night..
Although now I'm thinking about a 2am snack lol

Tiffany Nicole.

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