Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Fresh Start.

Happy New Year! 
It's officially 2012!
I have a few essential things that I'm going to be incorporating into this year..
I guess you could call them my New Year's Resolutions..
I guess everyday could be considered 'A fresh Start' .. but it's fitting to the start of a new year lol!
So here we go::

My Number 1! - To read more.
I really need to get back into the habit of reading. 
& Not just books - the paper , journals, etc. as well so I'm more aware of what's going on in the world.
I completely stopped watching the news b/c it was always depressing lol - but I really do need to be kept up to date on the important issues - in my county/region especially.

Laugh everyday.
This one is no problem - I pretty much laugh all day everyday but it's a key factor in remaining stress-free, happy and even healthy.

Journaling my Dreams. 
I was just talking to one of my friends about this the other day.
He mentioned that he wrote out his plans for the New Year like I did and my plan is to constantly write what I want to accomplish - both small and large goals, and keep writing them - making them crystal clear until I've accomplished them.  In the bible there's a scripture that says something to the extent of Make your requests known unto God, write them plain..
So in a nutshell it's basically speaking your plans into existence..
My plan is that writing down my goals will keep me focused on what's important and help me filter out what isn't going to help me achieve them & since I've wrote them out plain and made them known (and done the work that I need to do) - I'll see them come to life.

Eating better.
Not just healthier - but better.
Not skipping breakfast - No 2am binge lol
But eating all 3 meals at the time their supposed to be eaten lol..
Incorporating snacks into my diet to keep me energized throughout the day..
Being more aware of what foods I'm putting into my body.

Hmm.. This one is going to be the hardest. 
I can't exercise to save my life lol.
I was thinking about enrolling in a class with a friend to keep me on a schedule and keep me motivated to actually... do it. lol
Starting off with something basic like.... beginners yoga or aerobics lol. 
By 2013 I need my body to be in tip top shape!

Ok so I have 8, and kinda swore I was done..
But I have a few ideas for about 3 more that I'll be getting with a few of my close friends/fam.
Inspiring and affirming quotes/images that have a lot of meaning to us during this time in our lives.
I'm almost positive these won't be my last ones lol..
But for the time being they're the only ones that I need.

So those are my 'resolutions' so to speak!
Very simple
My main goal is to be happy and healthy!
I'm really excited about this year! 
There's a lot in store for me in 2012... 
Hope you all make the most out of your year!!

Tiffany Nicole.

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