Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Creation of Beauty is Art.

I came across this great post on Mckenzie Renae's Tumblr.
I no longer feel weird for thinking that art brushes can be a very good alternative for some makeup brushes.

Here's what she had to say : 
Is spending $20-$50 on each MAC makeup brush not really your cup of tea? You can buy high quality art brushes from craft stores like Micheal’s that work just as great! That’s right…art brushes.
Yes, quality is important and it can make a difference on how long your brushes last you, but for example, if you wear liquid liner on a daily basis and fill in your brows daily as well, you will need two separate angle brushes. Save on one (or both) and purchase it from the craft store!
These brushes can cost you half the price…if not less than more expensive makeup brushes like MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc. I’m not saying replace all of your brushes with art brushes, but a substitute is perfect! Voila :)
Definitely going to try this out for some of the basic brushes - like concealer and eye makeup brushes.
Check out the original post/blog here : Mckenzie's Tumblr
She's a greattttt beauty blogger!

Tiffany Nicole.

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