Monday, November 21, 2011

Betty Of The Week: Liane Membis.

Betty Of The Week: Liane Membis
Liane Membis is the Creator and Editorial Director of Liberette Magazine, a new online magazine for women of color who are open-minded and intrigued by thought-provoking reads in a progressive environment. She’s the lady who keeps it classy, remains unpredictable, and knows that knowledge is both powerful and sexy. She’s determined in her own right, sports a mean shoe game, and is supportive of her fellow sistahs. Reading Liberette means that our readers are involved in a mutualistic relationship. We enjoy the process of providing fresh and insightful information, and having you, the reader, share your thoughts and comments with us and fellow  visitors to our site. This not only stimulates the mind, but promotes a progressive digital space.
Liberette is updated with weekly features, editorials, and daily blog posts on culture,  news, style & beauty, wellness, and commentary. Liane is also the current Miss Black America Connecticut and will compete in the national competition in 2012. 


Fun Facts about this Betty::

-I am obsessed with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Nutella. I don't know why, but there's something about peanut butter that sings to my soul. 
-I was once a tomboy who grew into a mini-diva. Kind of like a butterfly blossoming from its cocoon. :)
-I bleed crimson and cream for my DST (Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated). OO-OOP to my sorors!

Why Bettys&Boys Loves Her::
Liberette Mag was an instant fave! This site is the answer to every black woman's prayer. A place where you can come to get the latest information, read articles that actually stimulate your mind, learn how to better take care of your body & it's all devoted to us! Liane is truly inspiring, a positive portrayal of an entrepreneurial young black woman.  Aside from the fact that she's absolutely gorgeous, she has dedicated her time and energy into filling the evident void in the blogging community. She caters to young black women in every facet of their lives, and is able to do it in a classy and informative way which has been such a critical need. With online journals and blogs slowly becoming our number one source for information - we can strongly predict that within a short amount of time Liberette Mag will most likely be the equivalent of what Essence and Ebony mean to black women today.  We're excited for the success to come! 

The Songs for Sister portion of the website is something that really caught my attention, so I decided to  highlight this, be sure to check out this part of the mag!:

'We seek to promote positivity amongst youth and literacy through our partnership with the Songs for Sister Project and our monthly book club. We invite you to venture to those sections as you explore our site.
Songs for Sister is a multimedia project that invites you to be the songwriter for young sisters everywhere.
Each week, new letters and pieces will be featured here at the jump.
Want to know more about Songs for Sister? Visit our about page.
And then…let the story begin.'

Follow Liane & Liberette Here::
Website: | Twitter: @limembo/@liberettemag | 

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