Wednesday, November 30, 2011


'An Italian designer Antonio DeRosa has created a concept interchangeable lens camera (ILC), with a twist. Aptly named the Apple iCam, this modular shooter uses an Apple iPhone as its image processor and screen which can be easily connected to the camera's rear. 

From its early concept designs, it seems that the Apple iCam features a very minimalist design with minimal ports and buttons. The ILC's user interface will be accessible on the iPhone's touchscreen. 

With the quality of smartphone cameras improving over the years, many shutterbugs may leave their bulkier snappers at home in favor of smartphones which are more convenient and less intrusive for capturing those candid moments. However, this unique concept camera tries to combine the ease of use of an iPhone with the versatility of an ILC. '

This could be the coolest Apple product I've seen so far..
Interesting to see if this concept will be brought to life..
But I'd still be #TeamBlackberry lol

~Tiffany Nicole.

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