Monday, November 28, 2011

Gareth Pugh x MAC : Male Cosmetics.

Fab designer Gareth Pugh has teamed up with MAC to create a male cosmetic line.

Now, male cosmetics is a controversial topic..
Why??... I really don't know.
With the crazy things people do today, makeup should be the least of anybodies concerns lol.
I wanted to create a line of male cosmetics myself and was a little bit bitter when I saw Gareth Pugh beat me to it lol.  Cosmetics is a form of self expression.. you can wear it to create different looks, play up different features, and make statements, it's fun. 
Now..when I say Makeup I do NOT mean...

I feel like if you mention men and makeup in the same sentence people automatically assume over the top drag makeup - Forgetting that .. yes there are drag queens but that is an extreme category. Mind you, drag is a form of self expression and an art - its also a job- most of those men do not wear full faces of makeup day and night.  I'm sure some do - does it make it ok? Well to me its the same with women, You're always going to have those women who wear way too much and look ridiculous & usually you get embarrassed for them. It's all a personal choice in my opinion. 'Don't overdo it' would be something I'd say to both males and females! lol. Here is what I have in mind when I think of men wearing makeup : 

Another misconception & negative connotation that I think is the main reason most people don't agree with men in makeup is the whole homosexual issue.  Not all men who wear makeup are gay! lol I think that's a close minded argument - Just like females who prefer suits, Jordans, and snapbacks to dresses, Louboutins, and turbans - There are men who are a little more feminine than what most people label the masculine norm. Eye makeup, however, is pretty much a staple to 'rockers' - it has nothing to do with femininity at all- but its seen as 'edgy'. The man who pulled off Androgyny so amazingly to me, was Prince.  He's one of the prettiest men ever to me lol - and yet he was still able to be with the most beautiful women! 

Of course there's the role of makeup in Rock & Roll

And then there's the trend-setter!

Little Richard. 
The hair, the makeup - the dancing - He was a movement all on his own lol.

"The MAC & Gareth Pugh collaboration will hit US stores on November 23 for one month before its international launch in December 2011. It includes nail lacquers (£15), eye shadows (£20), lipsticks and glosses (£14) and high-fashion angular fake lashes, inspired by Pugh's runway show, retailing for £12."

~Tiffany Nicole.

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