Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bettys vs. Boys:: DVF | Diane on Confidence

This video was such a breath of fresh air. 
Many women I know, friends as well as family struggle with the issue of confidence everyday. I had a really in depth convo with my younger sister about guy drama and the root of the problem is we are searching for love in all the wrong places. 
I believe until we have found love within  in ourselves and we are comfortable in your own skin we don't have the capability to truly fall in love with a man. 
This video describes finding yourself in the simplest way but it is so true and helpful. 
Today, us women are so focused on finding Mr. Right before even finding ourselves. 
This method of thinking not going to get us any where.
I was telling my sister that we are young and we should take the time now to really explore who we are. 
We dont want to look back when we are in our late 20's early 30's and wish that we took the time out to find ourselves and wasted  our young years trying to find a mate.

I know that all of this is way easier said then done but we can do it!!
Love and be true to yourself. 
The men will come! 
I promise!!
~Danielle Elise

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