Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bettys&Boys of The Week: No Apologeez.

Betty's & Boys of the Week: No Apologeez
NoApologeez is a new original sketch comedy show founded in Richmond VA by
Timothy Hill in August 2010. With inspirations from In Living Color and the Chapelle
Show, No Apologeez offers uncensored comedy sketches to a widespread Youtube
audience. The cast members consist of Timothy Hill, Ricardo Woolfolk, Steven
Williams, and Sharmane Bentley whom all reside in Richmond VA.

            With its motto, Not Safe For Anyone, NoApologeez still offers a wide range of
comedy sketches that is easily appealed to all audiences. Although the group did not post their first video until 1 year after it’s founded date, they were still able to surpass 1000 views on their videos within the first month of their launch date. NoApologeez not only has a fan base, but a strong and growing fan base around the country totaling over 400 people since it’s launch 2 months ago. Their fans not only watch their comedy sketches but give feedback and continue to watch each time a new video is posted. As of today NoApologeez has 1500 total views and counting.
NoApologeez has also been featured on The Evolution of Perspective Radio Show with host
            Ellen Gee and received a great turnout of listeners. “I respect and admire the creativity, ambition, and talent of the whole No Apologeez crew. I see nothing but greater things for them in the future.” -Ellen Gee

Why Bettys&Boys Loves Them:
With so much going on in our every day lives/struggles, things can become super serious really fast. It's important to laugh! Humor and fun allow us to forget what's going on around us and simply enjoy the moment and that's what this group is good at.  Their comedy sketches combine everything we love about our favorite sitcoms and the great classic comedies such as In living Color, SNL, The Chapelle Show, etc. and it's very cool to see that this group is well on their way to making a name of their own. The one thing that we always love to see in young entrepreneurs is Ambition- which you either have or you don't and if you don't you usually won't succeed. With No Apologeez  the ambition is quite evident and it shows in their work & in their rapidly growing following!  People love them! & So do we.
With just 2 months under their belt and a 400+ fan base, it's pretty obvious that the sky is the limit for this group & we're sure it's only a matter of time before No Apologeez is a household classic.  
So much love & respect to you guys & Can't wait to see what's next!

Watch a Clip from No Apologeez here:

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