Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do It Like You.

Where to start where to start lol..
Ok..first off its 7am..and I'm blasting this song non-stop lol.
I don't listen to the radio or download music anymore.. But I heard about this song and youtubed it ha!
Idk... the lyrics, the beat, everything is just.... right... to me..
It's refreshing to hear good music today thats not bitch this, nigga that. 
In my opinion, he's referring to women in a way that they should be addressed, but very seldom are..except for by the youngins lol. 
Anyways, to avoid the risk of sounding like a pedophile I'll keep my comments to myself about how gorgeous he is... But you get it lol
Cute Song..

Diggy Simmons - Do it Like You.

~Tiffany Nicole.

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