Friday, November 25, 2011


One of my faves, Zoe Saldana giving back this Thanksgiving.
She's too cute!
I love this pic. I can't wait to start volunteering this holiday season..
Small things really do make a difference
Me & my sister are sitting here talking about how little could go so far ..
I don't want to leave this world in the same condition I came into it..
I hope to better it ...

Hope You all enjoyed your Thanksgivings!!!
So Much to be thankful for!!
Starting with the amazing food you ate today lol..
& Speaking of which... my favorite food on Thanksgiving is so not turkey lol
Of course it's a dessert!..

Rice Pudding!!
My grandma has been making it for yearssss but me it looks gross lol. So I never touched it! But eventually I gave in... because I eat everything in sight lol..
& I've been in love ever since.

~Tiffany Nicole.

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